Tualatin / Sherwood / West Linn / Wilsonville Basketball

2020 TWW Tournament Rules

All league rules remain the same as league play (see below for league rules) except as follows:

  • 15 minute halves with running clock till the last 2 minutes of the last half unless a team is up by 15 points or more. 
  • Time outs = Three 30 second time outs 
  • Overtime = If after regulation score is equal and there will be max of two 2 minute running clock OT periods. Time outs do not carry over; each team receives one-30 second time out per OT period. 
  • Zone defenses are not allowed.
  • Once a team has advanced the ball into the frontcourt, no defensive player may intentionally guard an area instead of an opponent. The defense cannot ignore one or two offensive players. The defense may not “pack the middle.”
  • First violation: warning, second: two shot technical on coach.
  • Double teaming is allowed
  • Teams may back court guard only if they do not have a lead of 15 or more points. Once the ball crosses the mid-court line, high school rules are played in the frontcourt including 5-second closely guarded.
  • Any player yelling at an opponent may be considered unacceptable conduct by the referees. The first violation shall result in a team warning.  The ball will be awarded to the opponents for a spot throw in.  A second violation is considered unsportsmanlike conduct resulting in a team technical foul.  This includes free throws.

Game play is by pool.  Two games each team.  Best record of Wins/Loses, then total points, then total points allowed, and then if needed a coin toss decides position in each pool.  Directly following pool play the final games will begin.  They will be scheduled immediately following pool play.  Winners pool A and B play for 1st/2nd, 2nd place pool A and B play for 3rd/4th, etc... 

*** All officials will operate under the current rules of the National Federation of High School Associations with the following modifications and exceptions.  Any situation not covered under the written rules will be decided by the game officials. Their decision is final!